Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sign of times to come?

"After a crisis, a new era always starts. It's going to be a very good moment for creativity. For couture, it's going to go back to being very exclusive." - Givenchy couturier Riccardo Tisci

 Photo from Givenchy show S/S 2010
The house of Givenchy has announced it is going to stop couture catwalk shows in favour of individual client and editor appointments.  The label's couturier Riccardo Tisci will condense the collection into 10 looks and present them in an 18th century town house on the Place Vendome in Paris.

The vision is to make couture even more special than it is. Seemingly the designer wants to move away from the present catwalk scenario and go back to the early years of couture when showings were private and closeted affairs.

Future collections will be unveiled at the label's couture salons where mini catwalk shows will be held.

Wonder if other couture houses will follow Tisci's lead.

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From: Vogue.co.uk

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Paris in 2 weeks!

Now to unveil what's been keeping me away from Style Asylum, well that would be two things related to my work in fashion...!

ONE is, i've begun my own line of embellished accessories. Photos and more goss soon!

TWO is, in less than 2 weeks i'm going to be in living and working in Paris (only the mecca of classical European fashion) for a month! The back STORY: So i heard of this exchange program for fashion professionals sometime in September of 2009, applied and got picked!

So between November 09 and February 10, i had french lessons, felicitations and other programs of orientation along with my team.

The jour du depart (day of departure) is almost here. I'm organising my affairs, purchasing gifts and dreaming of jolie (pretty) Paris.

More soon... :) and soon to be writing you from Paris.

Bon nuit mes amies.. Bien dormi!
(Good night my friends.. Sleep well!)

Monday, February 22, 2010


Style Asylum is 50 posts old today! I can't for the life of me recall how old SA is, but i just noticed this is my 50th post and quite a swell journey it has been.

To add flavour to an already tangy taste of fashion, i received this email in my inbox the other day:
"Hey Meera,
My name is ..... and I am currently completing my final semester at Michigan State University in Public Relations. Being a fashion major (from my undergrad), as one of my projects I am required to follow three blogs pertaining to fashion and style and that's how I came across your blog. You blog had a sense of fashion integrated with reality, moreover it is an Indian Blog which for me is rare and fresh and therefore, I wanted to seek your permission to quote it as a part of my research paper as how blogs are changing the face of social media today. I will be an active participant on your blog and would take down my observations. You and your blog will be fully credited and I am also willing to submit a copy of my paper once I am done writing it. I hope you are fine with it. I once again thank you for putting your blog out there for enthusiasts like me.

This message brought back to me the fact that mine is one of the few independent Indian blogs on fashion & design and having said that i know for a fact that most of the fashion blogs out there are by folk who love, adore, crave, think, breathe fashion... but not many of them actually work in the fashion business. So, thank you very much, we are pleased to host you in the asylum to style and fashion. Come one come all... there is so much more and new to be reveled and revealed. :)

I hope very much February is treating you right. xoxo...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Louis Vuitton core values - or "Where will life take youu?"

i love this video by LV... the message just blew me away. came at the right time, broadened my perspective on a journey i am soon to undertake. :)

a journey shows you where you fit in the world....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Belt it out

Another fashion piece done by me for Femina.in. Appeared Dec 30th. Posting the article in full.

Belt it out

Belt it out From functional accessory to style mantra, the humble waist belt has come a long way. Thinking way beyond leather, this chic accessory has taken numerous avatars today. From Rhine-stoned to wrapped and stretch, fashion designer Meera Mittal hooks you on to the new forms of the waist-cinching device.

Waist belts have been en vogue since the Bronze Age. That’s a pretty long time you’ll agree. So what is it that has made belts stick? The right belt cinches the waist, giving that instant tummy tuck and lends the wearer a trimmer appearance. They hold up pants, stylishly clasp onto dresses and are useful to carry armaments into battle. Extremely worthy attributes!

In a modern context, wider belts look more fashionable on tops and dresses while helping to conceal a broad waist and skinny belts look better on pants and corporate looks like pencil skirts and shirt dresses. Patent leather is cool for both day and evening, provided the colour is neutral (read black, white, and grey, brown, beige). You can pop an outfit with a coloured belt. Keep it one solid colour or be warned you’ll look like a school art & craft project.
Trend wise belts look best worn high to mid waist. Low waist looks are not for belting.

Bling it on
Embellished clinchers are all the rage. A sprinkling of crystals, a cluster of diamantes, rows of metal studs or a buckle patterned out of stones, nothing quite says evening like these.
When sporting a sparkly belt it’s wise to keep the dress played down on shine. Rich jewel colours look classier than bright white crystal.

Stretch it out
We all know the 80s style elasticized belt; remember the big black ones with the cheesy buckles? Well, update those memory files with refreshing, contemporary looks; part abacus, part accessory. Other elasticized looks include the elastic-patent leather hybrids. These give you all style of patent with the comfort of stretch. No more fear of post dinner groaning and tautness.

Tie it up
One of my favourite kinds is the obi belt. This Japanese import is traditionally seen on kimonos and wraps around the waist supporting the back snugly. Today obi belts are seen worn all over the world, by women looking for that special Oriental touch to their style. The secret to wearing the obi right is all in the wrapping and knotting. A neat and clean bow goes a long way. Satin, metallic finish or printed obi belts are a whole lot of fun.
So whether your look is workforce diva or homemaker fashionista, waist belts are a budget friendly fashion addition that can perk up almost any wardrobe. Give it a try and develop your own style.

All photos courtesy and copyright Meera Mittal


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